Water Testing Equipment

HM Digital Water Testing Equipment and Monitoring Equipment
HM Digital manufactures a variety of high quality, yet economically priced water testing instruments, including TDS meter, inline monitors and controllers.

Part Number Description Case Qty.
Handheld Meters
COM-100 Combo Meter TDS, EC and Tempature Waterproof 1
TDS-3 TDS Meter Economically Priced w/ Case Range 0-9999 1
TDS-4 TDS Meter Smallest on the Market Range 0-9999 1
PH-200 PH Meter Range 0.00 14.0 1
In-Line Monitors
CLN-TAP1 3 Part Faucet Monitor System - Monitors quality of any water purification system
Display LED under faucet (Good, Caution & Replace)
DLTDS Dual TDS Meter - Measures IN and Out Water TDS & Flow 1
DLTDS-2 Same as DLTDS but Industrial Stegth and Waterproof 1
PNMTCRL Panel Mount Controller -- Fully adjustable relay control displays TDS and automaticly sounds an alarm & stops pump if TDS levels fall below setting. 1
Demonstration Devices
PREC110V Precipitator provides an effictive visual display of customers tap vs filtered water. 1